God Is One

God is One and Unique: God has no partners, no equals and no rivals. God has no father, mother, sons, daughters or wives. God alone is worthy of all worship. God is the All-Powerful: God has full authority and power over all things. Obedience to God does not increase His Power, nor does disobedience decrease His power. God is the Most High: There is nothing above or comparable to God. The attributes of God do not resemble that of His creation. No part of God is present in anyone or anything. God is Perfect: God does not have any human limitations, such as resting on the seventh day after He created the universe. God always maintains attributes of perfection and does not do anything to compromise this perfection such as “becoming a man” as claimed by other religions. God does not do ungodly acts, so if God became man and took on human attributes, he would, necessarily, no longer be God. 

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